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Праздник “HALLOWEEN”



Преподаватель английского языка Усманского педагогического колледжа

Оксана Петровна Корнелюк знакомит своих коллег с материалами, которые

Можно использовать на празднике “Halloween”:

1.A poem  “October”.

2.The story about Halloween.

3.Halloween chants.

4.The performance “The Ghost Who Could Not Say`Woo….!`”.

5.The Puzzles.

 Надеюсь , что данный материал пригодится учителям к 31 октября,

Когда во многих странах дети (а иногда и взрослые)справляют этот



   1. “OCTOBER”

      (by Willard R.Espy)

It is O and C and T and B and E and R;

Come,daddy dear,it is time to go,the kids

                                    are in the car;

The jack-o`-lantern twinkles and the cats

                                     are out of tune;

We`ll watch the witches streaming past the

                                        Sickle of the moon.




Long ago, many people believed that on

a certain autumn night dead spirits came

back to earth. And people held a festival

that was the start of our Halloween. This

festival was held on October31.People built

fires on hilltops to scare off the ghosts. They

also scared the ghosts away by wearing cus-

-tamers made of animal heads and skins.

      Traces of the festival remain in our Hal-

Loween  customs. Only today ghosts are chil-

-dren under sheets. The Halloween colours,

too, are orange and black. It was time when

orange flames lit up the black night.

       Finally, October 31 arrives. It is the

Halloween party. Families carve their pump-

-kins. Many people carve scary pumpkin fac-

-es. But some people carve happy and funny

faces. They place the pumpkins in windows

or on doorsteps. Many schools have parades

of children in costumes . After school children

put on their costumes again. They go from door

 to door asking for candies. “Trick or treat!

Trick or treat!” is heard everywhere.




Halloween, Halloween,  majic night.

We are glad and very bright.

We all dance and sing and recite,

“Welcome! Welcome!

Halloween night!”



Halloween is coming.

What will you see?


Imight see a jack-o`-lantern

Winking at me.




Halloween is coming.

What will you be?


I might be a princess

Skipping down the street.





Fortune-Teller: I want to tell you a story

About the ghost who could not say  “Wooo…!”

A young ghost, Gilly by name, was walking about

The dusty road. Then he stopped, sat down on a stone

And began crying. At that moment  Polly Pig  passing



Polly Pig: What`s the matter?

Gilly Ghost: Oh, Polly , I can`t say that word.

Polly Pig: What  word?

Gilly Ghost: The word all ghosts say when

They go out haunting on Halloween.

  Polly Pig: I`d  be glad to teach  you,

  Gilly  Ghost:  You are a real  friend.
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