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There are many kinds of television programmes and television channels in our country. The number of them increase constantly to meet all the tastes and needs of the viewers.
Television brings the world in our life. It helps us to understand people from other countries, to know their customs and traditions. One can find TV-programmes for children, teenagers, for sportfans and for people of various professional interests. But television may lead to poor health, through rushed meals, lack of sleep or exercise and eyestrain.
We can watch great events which will pass into history and famous people. Now people can get more information from various sourses, find out different viewpoints, compare the positions and political programmes, and thus they can exercise one of the basic rights — the right to have full information about the events in their country ond abroad. But to my mind people spend a lot of time before the television screens.
Television is the great entertainment and propaganda machine. From one hand it makes a lot to entertain people. On the other hand television can do some harm for certain people by the propaganda.
With the encreasing number of TV-progammes the number of TV-viewers is also regularly encreases. And their tastes are also encrease and change. That is why from time to time some programmes are changing to another programmes. TV-channels try to attract viewers with the help of different shows, conserts or interesting programmes. Apart from their entertainment value, they provide useful topics of conversation. But people begin to forget the art of conversation. They sit glued to the television screens instead of visiting their friends and relatives.
I am fond of different TV-programmes about news, computers or entertaining programmes. But my favourite programme is “Arest and freedom”. It is the new programme of REN-TV. Its author and leader is Dmitry Yakubovskiy. During his two years’ imprisonment he learned Russian legislature and the rights of people. In his programme he speaks about human and civil rights, rights of prisoners and about the duties of militia. This programme is equally interesting for young and old. Some good illustrations and photographs make the author’s text easier to grasp.
For my mind everyone has his own favourite programme and can tell a lot about it.
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