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  • EnglishExercises -Большой выбор упражнений по различным темам:грамматика, лексика, словосочетания, упражнения для начинающих,деловой кроссворд, правильное написание и др.
  • Quizzes-Немного грамматики и лексики, хорошая подборка упражненийпо TOEFL, остальное занимают исторические и страноведческиетесты.
  • English Exercises Online
    Письменные упражнения разной сложности: от beginner до advanced.Вам предлагается вписать пропущенные слова или выбрать ихиз списка. Набор упражнений для каждого уровня сложностивключает небольшой диалог, упражнения на частоту использованиянаречий, кроссворды и тематические упражнения. Упражнениясоставил Martin Holmes of the University of Victoria EnglishLanguage Centre in Canada. Martin Holmes is from Manchester,England, and after having taught English in Japan, Indonesia,and Saudi Arabia, now lives in Victoria, Canada, and worksat the University of Victoria, where he is heavily involvedin developing on-line teaching and learning systems.

EnglishExercises for Beginner / Elementary level(начальный уровень)

  • Does/ Is / Has -A little dialog. You have to write thewords " does ", " is " or "has".
  • FrequencyAdverbs -An easy crossword with frequency adverbs. Thedefinitions are in French!
  • Frequencymix 1 -An easy mixed sentence with a frequency adverb(often)!
  • Frequencymix 2 -An easy mixed sentence with a frequency adverb(rarely)!
    Find the correct word order...
  • Frequencymix 3 -An easy mixed sentence with a frequency adverb(sometimes)! Find the correct word order...
  • Frequencymix 4 -An easy mixed sentence with a frequency adverb(never)!
    Find the correct word order...
  • Frequencymix 5 -An easy mixed sentence with a frequency adverb(usually)! Find the correct word order...
  • Frequencymix 6 -An easy mixed sentence with a frequency adverb(frequently)! Find the correct word order...
  • Crossword1 -A little crossword for you. Only six words to find!
  • Crossword2 -Another little crossword, with six more words.
  • Crossword3 - A crossword with PAST tenses.
  • Adjectives- Opposites -You have TWO lists - put the opposite adjectivestogether!
  • TheHouse -An easy text with a multiple choice comprehensionsection.Be sure you do this exercise BEFORE the next oneon this list!
  • MrSmith's House -(OPEN questions) Do this exercise AFTERyou do the one about The House!
  • Buttonand Snowball -This is another easy text about a dogcalled Button and a cat called Snowball. You can answermultiple choice questions about the text.
  • Buttonand Snowball -Here is the same easy text about a dogcalled Button and a cat called Snowball. In this exercise,you have to write the correct verb into the blanks.
  • Catsand Dogs -Here is an easy exercise. You have to matchtwo parts. Half the question is in one part and half thequestion is in the other part.

EnglishExercises for Elementary / Lower-Intermediate level(начальныйэлементарный)

  • VocabularyCrossword -Try this vocabulary crossword, for wordsin Headway Pre-Intermediate, Units 1 and 2
  • Along Drive -Fill in the blanks about a drive in Belize,Central America
  • AWeather Report -This is a weather report from the Northof England. Depressing!
  • Paris- Dakar: -This is a "longish" text with blanksabout the Paris-Dakar rally.
  • ThomasCook -Here is a fairly long text with blanks about ThomasCook, the first man to organize Package Tours.There willbe more exercises here - just as soon as I find the timeto write them. . .!

English Exercisesfor Lower-Intermediate / Intermediate level

  • Exploration! -A short cloze text about exploration. Why do people wantto explore ?
  • Phonetic1 -Here is a short exercise to help you recognize phoneticsymbols! All the words are taken from Unit 1 vocabularyof Headway Intermediate.(Phonetic recognition)
  • Make& Do (1)-These two verbs' first meaning is CONSTRUCTand ACT, but they have taken on other, more idiomatic meanings.You will need to learn the expressions as you go along.(Grammar)
  • Make& Do (2) -This second exercise is more difficultthan the first one. Once again, you will need to learn theseexpressions as you go along.
  • Irregularverbs 1 -Match the PAST PARTICIPLE with the other twoforms! [This exercise has 35 items!]
  • Irregularverbs 2- Once again, match the PAST PARTICIPLE withthe other two forms [This exercise only has 8 items]
  • Irregularverbs 3 -In this exercise you will need to write inthe SIMPLE PAST form and the PAST PARTICIPLE, to make sureyou know them.
  • Irregularverbs 4 -Here again, as in exercise 3, you have to writein the SIMPLE PAST form and the PAST PARTICIPLE.
  • Vocabularyfor Unit 1 -Here is the vocabulary for Unit 1. I havenot used the words that are similar to French words. Thedefinitions are given in French for this unit.(Headway IntermediateVocabulary )

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Упражнения on-line, упражнения назнание отдельных слов и сленга, грамматики и деловой лексики.

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